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Bara Mineraler – Natural Plateau Clay for Professional Growing

Bara Mineraler and the Ancient Force of Nature

Bara Mineraler is the market leading producer of clay for horticultural use. The Swedish Bara clay is a natural plateau clay specifically selected for the properties that works as valuable tools for managing professional growing. By using Bara Clay the professional grower can be more flexible in the management of fertilizing, and save costs by using less fertilizers. Bara Clay also provide a valuable tool in steering water uptake (WOK) as well as steering pH values in the substrate. By using Bara Clay the grower also can affect the shelf life of the ready products and achieve more compact plants, something that is requested by the trading companies as well as the by the end consumers.

Bara Mineraler provide well-controlled and safe clay products. We are, since the nineties, approved by the Dutch quality mark RHP.

Bara Clay

Bara Clay is a high performance clay with excellent natural properties. It has been used by substrate manufacturers and growers for years all over the world. Bara Clay is chosen for its strength during extreme conditions. Our plateau clay has a unique mixture of minerals. Since the clay originates from meltwater lakes from the ice-age, it has never been exposed to chlorides. This rare mineralogical composition makes it unique and powerful.

Scaniavital® Silica

Scaniavital® Silica is a plant strengthening product specially developed for tomato plants. The product works as a “plaster” to physically prevent infections in stem damages and it also strengthen the plant cells to resist any infections.